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Unzipping fashion

YKK is the world’s largest zipper manufacturer. In 2015, the Japanese brand opened its first ever London showroom as a new destination for fashion designers and students that would allow YKK to directly engage with its audience. In 2016, to celebrate the showroom’s one-year anniversary,  the brand asked Disegno Works to help it mark the occasion. In response, we staged a panel discussion in the showroom which welcomed a series of fashion designers and architects to reflect upon the role of architectural spaces in shaping fashion. Chaired by Disegno’s editor-in-chief Oli Stratford, the talk invited Zowie Broach, head of Fashion at the Royal College of Art and co-founder of fashion house Boudicca; Alistair O’Neill, curator and Fashion History tutor at Central Saint Martins; architect and writer Sam Jacob; and Kei Kagami, YKK’s creative director and the designer of the showroom, to discuss their disciplines. Hosted in front of a full house of students and designers, the talk was complemented by a new documentary film shot by Disegno Works which explored the creation of the showroom, told through through the voices of Kagami and the luxury womenswear designer Martina Spetlova.


YKK London showroom Shoreditch
YKK London showroom
“We are very pleased with the collaboration with Disegno and Disegno Works. The quality of the service they offer is very high. We are very pleased with the video they created for our YKK London Showroom project.”

Anna Stefaniak, PR Executive at YKK