Thāsra Chris Jones
Commercial director

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Senior creative producer

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Chris Jones
Commercial director

Evi Hall
Senior creative producer

Wood Awards 2019

Redesigning an esteemed awards programme

Looking to connect with a younger, design-savvy audience, the Wood Awards asked Disegno Works to update the look and approach of its annual magazine. 

Each year, the Wood Awards celebrates the best use of wood in design and architecture. In 2017 Disegno Works re-designed its magazine, using vibrant colour and a stripped back layout to update the publication with a fresh and modern aesthetic. 

Disegno Works continues to provide publishing, subediting and design services to the Wood Awards and, in 2019, also produced all texts for the magazine. Through succinct, detailed and enlivening writing, Disegno Works brought each project to life and highlighted their architectural and design significance.