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Relaunching crystal

A secluded Parisian print works – a 19th-century den of metal rollers and presses once used by Picasso and Matisse – was the venue for an exhibition and event curated by Disegno Works for crystal brand Waterford. Organised to mark the release of Waterford’s Rebel collection, the event took place during Paris’s Maison&Objet trade fair, and highlighted Rebel’s inclusion of metal accessories alongside the brand’s familiar crystal. We curated all aspects of the event, from finding the venue and producing all artwork, through to commissioning the design and build of the Rebel exhibition. We also produced a short film on the exhibition as well as a limited edition print. Working closely with Marcin Rusak, an award-winning designer, and Jacopo Sarzi, an experimental food designer, Disegno Works devised a unique and memorable night of music, eating and drinking, all set amongst industrial large printing presses, stone lithographs and gleaming aluminium plates.