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Evi Hall
Senior creative producer


Editorial consultancy and collaboration on an e-paper series

What will offices look like in a post-pandemic world? Disegno Works was part of a team of writers and editors brought together by the Swiss furniture brand Vitra to help produce its series of e-papers exploring the future of office design.

Working under the title’s editor-in-chief, Nora Fehlbaum, Disegno Works wrote articles, edited texts, provided subediting and proofreading services, as well as wider editorial consultancy. We also delivered scriptwriting for the digital launches of the publications.

As part of the team assembled by Vitra, Disegno Works was asked to help breathe life and excitement into the in-depth research generated by the company, providing an accessible and engaging route into questions surrounding the future of office design.

Cover image: this photograph was originally commissioned for Disegno #33