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Commercial director

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Senior creative producer

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Chris Jones
Commercial director

Evi Hall
Senior creative producer


Exhibition press releases communicating the unique selling points of a new lighting system

What language can communicate the magic and versatility of a radically reimagined lighting design? 

In 2022, Spanish lighting brand Vibia commissioned Disegno Works to write press releases for two exhibitions featuring Plusminus, its new lighting range that conducts electricity through visible ribbons instead of traditional hidden wires. 

Designed by Stefan Diez, Plusminus is a flexible system in which electricity is carried by textile ribbons, which can be safely handled and arranged around a room in any configuration. Wherever you want light, you simply clip a lamp to the ribbon. It is a system that frees interior architects from the strictures of traditional wiring, allowing for greater freedom and creativity.

But because Plusminus is a radically different approach towards lighting, it is also difficult for potential customers to understand. As such, Vibia and Diez turned to Disegno Works to help them communicate the product’s unique selling points to the press, the public and design professionals.

The resultant press releases combined poetic, technical and descriptive language to engagingly explain how the system functions while also capturing its beauty. They highlight how Plusminus departs from conventional lighting systems, and how the design means it can be used in a broad and surprising range of spaces.

The evocative descriptions of the lights in the exhibition spaces – one focusing on its endless flexibility, the other on it emotive value and beauty – spoke to different audiences’ needs and clients’ aspirations, encouraging them to visit the exhibitions.

Now published on Vibia’s website alongside photographs, the texts provide a detailed legacy of the installations.

Disegno Works has shaped how Vibia continues to talk about Plusminus engagingly and accessibly.

View the press releases here and here.