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Giving a new design brand a voice

How do you capture the essence of a new design studio? In 2019, designer Livia Lauber approached Disegno Works to assist in creating her new brand: Ensemble. 

Disegno Works was asked to workshop different names for Lauber’s brand, as well as create all texts, product descriptions and taglines for the Ensemble website and product packaging. 

Ensemble creates everyday objects that are instilled with value through small-scale, artisanal production and high-quality contemporary design. All of Ensemble’s products feel precious, personal and covetable – a quality Disegno Works wanted the texts to reflect. 

Working closely with Lauber, Disegno Works conducted interviews with her and all of Ensemble’s collaborators, before creating texts that were entirely composed from the designers’ own words. This approach made all sure that all product descriptions felt personal and special, rather than mass produced and distant. 

Through these methods and developing a thorough understanding of Lauber’s work, the voice of Ensemble was born: a place for everyday objects that step outside the ordinary.