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Chris Jones
Commercial director

Evi Hall
Senior creative producer


An exhibition in book form

In 2019 Kvadrat created KNIT, an exhibition of objects and installations that explored the potential of knitted textiles.  The exhibition saw the brand invite 28 designers from around the world to create objects crafted from Kvadrat’s Febrik knitted textile range.

Particularly given the pandemic’s impact upon physical exhibitions, Kvadrat needed a way to present KNIT’s projects and ideas in a more widely accessible form: the KNIT book. They contacted Disegno Works to help bring this project to life.

Kvadrat wanted to use the KNIT book as a marketing tool to give to those who could not see the exhibition physically, and to act as an archive of the exhibition’s projects. As such, the book needed to capture the personality and physical presence of the exhibits.

Disegno Works responded to this challenge by writing succinct and vivid descriptions of each project. These texts conveyed the idiosyncrasies of each piece and the different ways in which they brought out the tactility of the knitted fabrics. Each project’s key themes were highlighted, and tied together in an informative and harmonious style.  Our writing brings the sensory experience of the knitted textile projects to life, which cannot be brought across by imagery alone, allowing the exhibition to live on in the book’s pages.