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Chris Jones
Commercial director

Evi Hall
Senior creative producer

Emeco X MIT

A long-form article capturing insights gleaned from a manufacturer and university’s collaborative research programme

In spring 2022, furniture manufacturer Emeco and a group of five MIT students asked themselves a question: “What will furniture design look like in 150-years time?” 

Undertaking a semester-long collaborative project, the group teased out potential answers to this question through the development of five furniture prototypes, supported by field trips to Emeco’s factory and a series of design workshops.

Much was learned during this process, but capturing and communicating the scope of the project’s research and findings proved challenging. How can you draw audiences into speculative projects based on in-depth research?

To help document the process, Emeco commissioned Disegno Works to undertake a series of interviews with the project’s participants, resulting in a long-form article called ‘The Next 150 Year Chair’ published on the Emeco website. 

Interspersed with the different viewpoints and voices of everyone involved, the text reveals new approaches to sustainable manufacturing, while still remaining accessible and engaging for a general audience.

Image: courtesy of Zain Karsan

Image: courtesy of Amelia Lee