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Transposing an event

The Circle of Poets: London Edition was an extension of Italian fashion house Etro’s Milan-based arts programme, which Disegno Works transported to the United Kingdom for London’s Craft Week. We drew on our extensive network of cutting-edge London-based makers to curate an evening of live design performances and accompanying Studio Awe-designed exhibition, all hosted in Etro’s London boutique. The event and exhibition were also documented in a film by the London-based production company Shuffle.

Tack Studio with Etro - Circle of Poets: London Edition
Tack Studio with Etro - Circle of Poets: London Edition
Tack Studio with Etro - Circle of Poets: London Edition
The exhibition is designed by Awe, a design studio founded by Florian Dussopt and James Patmore. Awe’s elegant metal and cork structures create individual islands for each of the eight poets, setting the exhibits apart from the rest of the Etro interior.