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Senior creative producer

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Chris Jones
Commercial director

Evi Hall
Senior creative producer


A film explaining a radical new lightbulb

The world of lightbulbs tends to be conservative. While technologies have advanced rapidly from filament wires to LEDs, the basic bulb form has remained static for generations.

The British lighting brand BEEM plans to put an end to this. Co-founded by designer Samuel Wilkinson, BEEM uses flexible micro-LED filaments to allow their bulbs to adopt myriad different shapes: from glowing coils that wrap around a fixture, to cheerful smiles that curl up charmingly.

Explaining new technologies to audiences who are used to the familiar, however, is difficult. As such, BEEM approached Disegno Works to help it create a short film that could instantly explain the brand’s flexible filaments and design breakthroughs to a wide general audience.

Disegno Works collaborated closely with BEEM to create a style of storytelling and narrative voice that could accompany the film’s visuals. Rather than write a formal script to be read by an actor, we instead interviewed the product’s designer, Wilkinson, and recorded his story about how he came to redesign the lightbulb.

The resulting narrative, carefully edited, provided a warm, relatable and engaging introduction to BEEM and its work. Stripped of the conventions of a marketing film, the final story created a more intimate route into the project, providing an easy to understand and compelling introduction to a radical new form of lightbulb.

Smile x BEEM from BEEM on Vimeo.