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Designing for colour

To mark Clerkenwell Design Week 2017, the Italian furniture brand asked Disegno Works to develop programming for its London showroom that could engage an audience of bloggers and design writers. In response, we hosted an hour-long masterclass in producing colour collages, led by the designer and interior architect Ab Rogers. Drawing on Rogers’s experience of working for major clients such as Comme des Garçons and the Centre Pompidou, guests to Arper were taught how to engage their personal colour preferences to produce finished design pieces. The workshop was based upon an exercise developed by the Bauhaus master Johannes Itten, which was explored in Disegno #14.


Disegno Arper Johannes Itten Workshop Subjective Colour
Disegno Arper Johannes Itten Workshop Subjective Colour
Disegno Arper Johannes Itten Workshop Subjective Colour