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Chris Jones
Commercial Director

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Evi Hall
Creative Producer

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The new Tack Press office


The office of Tack Press is thoughtfully decorated to create a social and creative environment. The ground floor of the office is the meeting area and co-working space, while the first floor is the individual work space.

Tack Press is a publishing house formed by the magazines buy Misoprostol without a prescription and buy Misoprostol without prescription together with the creative studio buy Misoprostol oral. The three units share a creative workspace in Haggerston, East London.

The magazines moved in to the shared office in January this year. With help from Humanscale, Modus, Bisley, Arper, Dinesen and Wästberg the office is nicely decorated and well planned.

[Good to know: Tack is the Swedish word for “thank you”]


The Tack Press office is a shared creative space between Jocks & Nerds, Disegno and Tack Studio.


The Tack Press office is a shared creative space between Jocks & Nerds, Disegno and Tack Studio.