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The Circle of Poets London Edition


Italian luxury brand Etro’s The Circle of Poets project launched in London last night in collaboration with Disegno: The Quarterly Journal of Design.

Having kicked-off the project in Milan at the beginning of the year, this London-leg of The Circle of Poets project is an opportunity for emerging makers from both London and Milan to showcase their work as part of an in-store exhibition for the duration of London Craft Week 2016.

Four of the original Milanese creatives have been joined by four new London-based ones; Adam Blencowe and Yu-Lin Chen, Gemma Roper, Louie Rigano and Gil Muller and Studio Ilio, all of whom are Royal College of Art graduates.

The exhibition is designed by Awe, a design studio founded by Florian Dussopt and James Patmore. Awe’s elegant metal and cork structures create individual islands for each of the eight poets, setting the exhibits apart from the rest of the Etro interior.